Slidre, Norway - Photo by Eric Moe

Leave No Trace Center for Outdoor Ethics' mission is to educate the public on how to enjoy the outdoors in an environmentally responsible way. Core Leave No Trace principles include: 1) Dispose of Waste Properly, 2) Minimize Campfire Impacts and 3) Plan Ahead and Prepare. To learn more about Leave No Trace Principles visit:

Industrial Revolution does its best to introduce and promote products that support Leave No Trace principles - it's vital that we preserve and protect our beautiful outdoors so that we can enjoy them today and so that our children can enjoy them tomorrow. Damage to the environment can be irreversible and we need to educate others to prevent harm that threatens beautiful areas. The products that support these principles include:

    • FIREBOWLS: Grilliput FireBowls are ideal for low-impact camping and safely contain a fire anywhere.

  • CANDLE LANTERNS: The preferred lighting solution for minimizing campsite impacts.

  • LIGHT MY FIRE PRODUCTS: Supports minimizing waste while camping. The outdoor MealKit 2.0 and Spork original allow anyone outdoors to pack in and eat a great meal while minimizing litter. Light My Fire also makes all-natural tinder products including TinderDust™ and TinderSticks™.

Operating in a responsible way is a part of our business. We reuse almost all the packaging materials that we receive, and recycle the rest. Throughout our factory, warehouse, and offices, the lighting has been converted to high-efficiency bulbs and fixtures. Every year we find new ways to reduce our paper usage so that even as our business grows, we have been using less raw materials.

UCO Candle Lanterns are made with recycled aluminum and recycled glass. Our clean burning candles are more efficient to operate, and have a lower environmental impact than batteries used in flashlights.

Light My Fire Sporks are a perfect example of reducing waste by replacing single-use utensils. Each durable Spork can prevent hundreds of disposable utensils from heading to landfills.

Light My Fire TinderSticks provide an all-natural alternative to other chemical-soaked wooden fire starters. These impressive sticks are harvested from downed pine trees with very high resin levels.