Laurie in Michigan:
"Just this past weekend I used my new candle lantern for the first time on an ice-climbing trip in Michigan's upper peninsula. We camped in a 4-person dome type tent over a mile into the back country (mostly so we had a place to stand, sit, and store gear after dark in the freezing cold). Sat AM early, before heading off to climb we lit the candle. At the end of a long day (around 9:30PM) we approached the tent and saw it "glowing" from far away. We realized we had left the lantern burning all day (not a good thing). When we opened the tent, the tent was somewhat warmed up for us (the outside temp was around 10 degrees) and the 9 hr candle had burned 13 hours straight, without burning the tent down--thank God. Although I don't recommend leaving a candle burning in the tent for 13 hours when no one is home, your product worked longer and better than expected and we had a little warmth and a glowing beacon of light to start a long cold night in the tent! Thanks for a great product!"

Roy in Florida:
"I have owned several of the candle lanterns for years now and they have traveled all over the South with me, backpacking and mostly canoe/kayak adventures. They have never failed as batteries do and in bad weather their warm glow make the area a little more safer and homely. I made a PVC tube and hold my spare candles to keep them in shape while in the pack bag. One lantern really made a difference when the weather was forecast for 48 deg. I took the 40 degree bag, it turned out that the weatherman was totally wrong the temp was 18 deg. that nite. I hung the candle lantern in the tent and it helped to warm the tent enough that I had a comfortable night despite the drop in the temp."

Amy in Florida:
"I just wanted to say Hi and Thanks! I use the Outdoor MealKit when kayaking and camping and love it for all my trips! When I'm stuck at my office job, the spork hidden in my desk drawer is perfect for lunches at my desk and reminds me of the weekend to come. You've got great products and I really appreciate them. I only wish I had them all.. Thanks!"

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