There is only one good time to deal with a home emergency and that is before the emergency happens, as you never know when:

  • A power line will be knocked out by a tree branch during a wind storm.
  • High winds, heavy rains, snow storms, flooding or a hurricane threaten to take out your community's electrical service.
  • A summer power overload causes a blackout lasting several hours or even days.


The process of planning and preparing for a natural disaster or a civil emergency makes you prepared to deal with the consequences and safeguard the safety of those around you.

Today's news is full of frightening headlines. While we can't eliminate the possibility of those awful nightmares occurring, we can prepare wisely. Store food, water, and other essentials to last for a few days until services are restored. Plan how to stay warm, and have the necessary light sources available for extended periods. Recommended items beyond food and water include kitchen accessories, lanterns and flashlights, first aid kit, change of clothing and footwear, blankets or sleeping bag, sanitation and hygiene equipment, matches, compass, and a tent.

Emergency Preparedness Industrial Revolution products fill key needs after a disaster. UCO Candle Lanterns and spare candles offer you reliable, dependable and economical sources of light and warmth. Stormproof Matches and Swedish FireSteel start fires and help keep you warm and safe. Swedish FireSteel will not be affected by extreme cold and will work fine if wet. Stormproof Matches will light no matter what; neither wind nor rain poses a problem. Either way, keep a little tinder handy to get a fire going.

  • Micro Lantern - Portable source of light, around 4 hours of light per candle, extremely low operation cost
  • Mini Lantern - Portable source of light, around 4 hours of light per candle, extremely low operation cost
  • Original Candle Lantern - Portable source of light, 9 hours (or more) of light
  • Candle Lantern plus LED - 9 hours (or more) of candle power, up to 40 hours of battery life powering the additional LED
  • Candlelier - Three 9 hour candles generating more light for a large room, capability of heating food or water
  • Swedish FireSteel - Reliable method of starting a fire
  • UCO Stormproof Matches - Waterproof and windproof matches
  • Esbit Emergency Stove - Convenient stove and solid fuel to boil water for purification and cooking
  • Esbit Solid Fuel - Durable and stable fuel for heating food and water

For comprehensive emergency planning, visit any of the following links: - Emergency preparedness guidance from the U.S. Department of Homeland Security - The Federal Emergency Management Agency has created a fun kid-oriented site with tips, games and more - Information about planning, preparing, and responding to disasters, and helping the public stay safe - Disaster preparedness and survival information from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention - Emergency and disaster preparedness for those with large and small companion animals.