We design, manufacture, market, and sell high-quality, innovative products with a focus on outdoor recreation. Our focus is providing excellent gear that is built to satisfy, and delivering our products to our customers quickly and accurately. We deliver our own branded products, and a mix of unique items from Europe and elsewhere. We invest in lasting partnerships with our vendors and our customers, and strive to improve every aspect of our relationships.

Resources are scarce, and we constantly work to trim waste and recycle everything we can. Our aluminum lanterns are made from recycled materials. Almost every box that comes in to us goes back out to customers. We influence our network of vendors and customers to align with our goals, and support those organizations who are better able to champion our causes. Sustainability is the key issue to the future of our industry, and we must reduce our impact on the environment to maintain a healthy business.

We treat our employees very well, and ensure that our foreign suppliers do the same. Employee health and safety is of the utmost concern to us. Our mantra is that everyone goes home with the same number of fingers and toes that they arrived with.