Classic Steak Knife Gift Set (set of 2)

Part #: M-12160

  • Set of two handmade knives with 2.0 mm cold-rolled stainless steel blades.
  • Blades with a hardness of 58 RC and heat treated for strength and maximum edge retention.
  • Painted red birchwood handles.





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Classic Steak Knife Gift Set (set of 2)

A real Morakniv® made in Mora, Sweden.

The blade of our Steak Knife Classic is made from high-quality, cold-rolled stainless steel that after hardening has excellent sharpness retention—a feature not normally associated with stainless steel and a hardness of 58 HRC. The knife blade is heat treated to achieve an extreme level of strength and toughness as well as maximum edge lifetime. The process is a well-kept corporate secret. The handle is made from red painted birch.


Tradition and quality.

A Morakniv® is a work knife that is easy to hold and handle. We made as few changes as possible to retain the knife's identity and tradition. The knives in the dining room of the Grand Hôtel look and feel like a real Morakniv®.


Worth caring for.

Our steak knife has a stainless steel blade and the edge can be honed with a fine Arkansas Bench Stone. Drop a small amount of oil on the stone lubricating the surface. Move the blade either in small circular motions or along the edge, making it easier to control the angle of the knife edge to the honer. This also minimizes the risk of scratches on the blade. Finish by wiping away any remains of raw edge with a piece of leather or rough cloth. Never put your knife in the dishwasher.

Blade Thickness: 0.08" (2.0 mm)
Blade Length: 4.2" (106 mm)
Total Length: 8.1" (205 mm)
Net Weight: 3.7 oz. (104 g)