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COVID-19 Response - Online Ordering Stopped

Monday, March 23, 2020

Dear Industrial Revolution Community,

In light of recent developments in the spread of COVID-19, and in accordance with executive orders from the State of Washington, we are taking additional safety measures to protect our employees and customers during these unprecedented times.

As all gatherings of 50 or more (including businesses) are banned in our state until further notice, we will be offering work from home options to all staff, and limiting our shipping operations to a smaller crew. IR will be operating with limited personnel for the next few weeks, and we are also preparing for the possibility of a 2 or more-week shutdown to assist in flattening the curve of transmission. This was begun on March 16th but will likely be more noticeable from March 20th to April 5th.

What this means for placing orders from Industrial Revolution:

  • We are shutting down our direct to consumer sales channels on ucogear.com and industrialrev.com to focus our limited supply and capability to ship to our retail partners (effective March 23rd).

  • There will be longer than usual lead times for processing shipments

  • Communications may be delayed for a period of time as staff will be working remotely or in rotation

  • We will have limited inventory from March 20th to May 1st as many of our items have been in high demand, and some of our inventory has been delayed for 4-6 weeks. We will have inventory challenges for Candles and Candle Lanterns until July so please expect that we will be unable to fill orders complete unless already in process.

What we ask of our customers:

  • Please be patient as we work with this limited crew to ship as many orders as we can.

  • Our website and DEALER TOOLS page should be your first stop in trying to get support in the next 4-6 weeks.

  • Email will be the best way to reach department staff as many admin roles will be operating remotely. Orders@industrialrev.com is a good starting point if you don’t know who to email or have direct phone # for your normal contact

Thank you for your business, loyalty and patience as we do our part to protect the health of our workers and our customers,

The Industrial Revolution Team