UCO stands for Utility, Comfort, and Originality. Founded in Redmond, WA in 1971, we bring 40 years of innovation and manufacturing expertise to the outdoor industry. Each of our products is designed with useful features that make your time outside safer and more comfortable. With products like the Original Candle Lantern that offer great functionality and simplicity or the Stormproof Matches that help you survive the elements, we have grown to become a leading brand in lighting and fire starting for your outdoor, home, and emergency preparedness needs.

We Sell Fire™. You know a great idea when you see it?simple, obvious, yet completely new. This is how people react to our products. From making fires to eating meals?our outdoor accessories are loved by both backyard adventurers and backwoods survivalists. From the moment you first hold our products in your hand, you'll want them...and so will your family and friends. Based in Sweden, Light My Fire specializes in outdoor accessories that are as practical in the city as they are in the wild. To learn more or connect with Light My Fire of Sweden visit them at LightMyFire.com.

Mora of Sweden was formed in 2005 through the merger of Frosts Knivfabrik and KJ Eriksson. The name reflects the important link between our products, the town of Mora and its Swedish origin. A Morakniv® (Mora knife) is always a knife from Mora of Sweden. The company is still family-owned and manufactures knives and ice-drills which are delivered to all parts of the world.

Esbit is a German company that has been making stoves and cookware for more than 75 years. The brand has a rich history in innovation, inventing the first solid fuel tablets and foldable stoves that have been standard issue for military and government agencies for decades. 

This quality line of tripods and clamps offers photographers, sports enthusiasts, and others a unique selection of support devices for cameras, spotting scopes, binoculars, and other gear. Strong, compact, and lightweight, these products are durable enough for use on America?s cup catamarans and light enough to fit in your backpack. Pedco?Simply Functional.

Fun. Simple. Rewarding. There's a simple surprise and delight, an "Aha!" moment that happens when kids see how easy it is to make something they love from scratch. And that is what's great about YayLabs! products. Everything is easy enough for anyone in the family to use. No electricity or other gadgets needed - just the power of people interacting. At the end of your fun, you have a tangible, and delicious, reward everyone can share and enjoy in the moment.