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Safe Pro, Carbon Steel
Item No. M-13076
Garberg Multimount Kit
Item No. M-13000
Floating Serrated Knife
Item No. M-13131
Behemoth Sweetfire Match Kit
15 Min Burn Time!

About Industrial Revolution:

Founded in 1971 as UCO, the Original Candle Lantern company, Industrial Revolution has grown to become a leading manufacturer and distributor of inventive products that promote fun, safety and comfort in the outdoors. In addition to UCO headlamps, Candle Lanterns™, Stormproof Matches™, portable grills and Ice Cream Balls, Industrial Revolution makes Pedco tripods and clamps. We are also the exclusive U.S. and Canadian distributor of Sweden-based Morakniv® knives, as well as the exclusive U.S. distributor of cutting-edge products from Swedish Light My Fire®, such as the Spork and FireSteel®, and German-based Esbit solid fuel stoves and cookware.

Be Prepared...

Ideal for backpacking, camping or your home or auto emergency kit, these small, compact stoves fold, fits in a pocket. 
Strikeable Tinder & Fire Starter Combo - Burns for 7 minutes, letting you start a fire easily.
UCO - Candlelier Candle Lantern with 3 candles. Provides both heat and light.
Matches have a durable waterproof coating that provides the security of light and warmth in tough conditions.

Featured Backcountry Essentials

Morakniv - Eldris Knife Kit
UCO - Hundred Headlamp
Light My Fire - Titanium Spork
Esbit - Alcohol Stove & Backpacking Cookset