About us

Industrial Revolution started manufacturing camping gear in Redmond, WA in 1971. We started by making ski boot buckles and had our first hit product with our Original Candle Lantern. Through the 1990s we released more lanterns and built a loyal customer following. In recent years, we have pursued a more aggressive growth strategy, launching many new products and forging new partnerships. Beginning in 2005, we became the US distributor for Light My Fire of Sweden. Since then, we have experienced their Spork and Swedish FireSteel catapult the brand to popularity among outdoor enthusiasts. In 2008, we purchased long-time partner Pedco, maker of UltraPod camera tripods. In 2011, we began distributing Esbit, in 2012 we acquired Grilliput, and in 2013 we are pleased to announce our exclusive distributorship of Mora knives. All these great new products have fueled our growth and solidified our close relationship with our customers.

The people here are outdoor enthusiasts who love hiking, camping, biking, boating - anything that gets us out of the factory for a little while. Our team has a broad range of interests, which helps us with one of the most exciting tasks we have: developing new products. Most of the crucial outdoor accessories have been around for decades, and the proven products are very hard to improve upon. For us, building a better match case or shrinking a lantern is a challenging yet satisfying process.

We are privately held, and feel our main responsibilities are building quality products for customers, providing reliable service for dealers, and taking care of our employees. We recognize that not every decision is driven by the bottom line and we endeavor to constantly improve the sustainability, efficiency, and precision our operations.

Mission Statement

We design, manufacture, market, and sell high-quality, innovative products with a focus on outdoor recreation. Our focus is providing excellent gear that is built to satisfy, and delivering our products to our customers quickly and accurately. We deliver our own branded products, and a mix of unique items from Europe and elsewhere. We invest in lasting partnerships with our vendors and our customers, and strive to improve every aspect of our relationships.

Resources are scarce, and we constantly work to trim waste and recycle everything we can. Our aluminum lanterns are made from recycled materials. Almost every box that comes in to us goes back out to customers. We influence our network of vendors and customers to align with our goals, and support those organizations who are better able to champion our causes. Sustainability is the key issue to the future of our industry, and we must reduce our impact on the environment to maintain a healthy business.

We treat our employees very well, and ensure that our foreign suppliers do the same. Employee health and safety is of the utmost concern to us. Our mantra is that everyone goes home with the same number of fingers and toes that they arrived with.

Our History

Industrial Revolution, Inc. was founded in Redmond, Washington as UCO Corporation in 1971. After a few years of making metal parts for K2, JanSport, and Boeing, we introduced our Original Candle Lantern. Filling a niche, this lantern became a staple outdoor accessory. UCO quickly became the world leader in the production of Candle Lanterns with designs and accessories that were superior to all other available products. Innovation has been a cornerstone of the company ever since. We offer a full line of Candle Lanterns including the Original, the Micro, the Mini, and the Candlelier.

In recent years, we have focused on expanding our product offerings. Our internal product development has ramped up to where we are now launching multiple products each year. We also began importing products from European manufacturers. With each addition to our product family, we focus on outdoor products that are high quality, uniquely innovative and affordable.

1971: UCO Corporation founded.

1981: Original Candle Lantern introduced.

1982: UltraPod® introduced.

1996: Mini Candle Lantern introduced.

1998: Candlelier™ Lantern introduced.

2004: We began selling our Play and Freeze® Ice Cream Maker, a product spawned from the outdoor industry which now delights children and adults everywhere with fresh ice cream.

2005: UCO Corporation became Industrial Revolution. We became the exclusive U.S. distributor for Light My Fire products from Sweden. We expanded our offerings to the outdoor, housewares, and travel industries.

2008: The big news was the acquisition of Pedco, the manufacturer of US-made UltraPod tripods and the versatile UltraClamp.

2009: UCO Stormproof Matches are introduced. We partnered with DAJO Adventure Gear and launched the Survivor Knife.

2010: We introduced the Pedco CellPod® and a larger UltraClamp Assembly designed for auto-enthusiasts.

2011: We became the North American distributor for Esbit. Micro Candle Lantern introduced. The Play and Freeze® Ice Cream Maker was re-introduced as the YayLabs! Ice Cream Ball.

2012: In June, we moved to our new office and warehouse facilities south of Seattle in the city of Tukwila, WA USA.

2019: UCO launches UCO Ware - A line of meal and mess kits along with new durable spork designs.