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IR Dealer Portal

Why use the IR B2B Portal?

  • Order 24/7
  • Real time inventory... No backorders!
  • View order history and get invoices
  • Track shipments
  • Pay by credit card or account terms
  • Faster than emailing or calling in your orders. As soon as you complete the checkout process, your order goes directly into our system for fulfillment!

How Can I Buy Wholesale Online?

You can purchase from all the brands under the Industrial Revolution umbrella by being a dealer. Once you're a dealer you can purchase wholesale online, here via our dealer portal at 

Note: Only Industrial Revolution staff can create a new dealer portal account with wholesale sales. The accounts you create on this site are for retail customers. 

I'm logged in but I don't see wholesale prices

This site functions both for dealers and consumers. You maybe logged in as a consumer. Dealers need to login to see wholesale/custom pricing and dealers need to have a dealer account setup to do that.

One way to know if you're logged in correctly as a dealer is to look on the homepage, top center of the page. It should say: "Dealer Successfully Logged In. Showing Wholesale Pricing". If you don't see that message on the homepage, you're not logged in as dealer and we need to set you up. Contact us.

Do I already have a dealer account?

Follow the instructions below to login. If you don't get an email you may not have a dealer account. Call or email us and we'll setup a Industrial Revolution Dealer Portal account so you can purchase wholesale from us. 1-888-297-6062 or

Username = Your email we have on file (contact if unsure)
Password = Set one via instructions below

  1. Enter your email here:
  2. Check your email
  3. Follow instructions in email to set new password
  4. Login to the IR Dealer Portal:


Follow these visual instructions below
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