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We manufacture 2 brands: UCO Gear and Intova Cameras.

We're also the exclusive U.S. Distributor for 3 brands: Light My Fire, Esbit and MoraKniv.
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It varies by product but generally 1 year. Warranty Policy
Excess or spilled wax can be removed from the lantern by chipping or scraping it off with a blunt object. This is easier if you first place the part with the wax on it in a freezer for 10-20 minutes until the wax becomes brittle. You can also remove wax by heating until just hot enough to cause melting and blotting with absorbent material.
UCO has spent countless hours developing our special candles. Wax formula, wick size, and other features were specially engineered to make this the ideal candle for our lanterns. Other candles can "melt down" prematurely due to improper wax formula. Other candles can leave significantly more soot on the heat shield compared with our candles. Be sure to ask for UCO candles at your favorite outdoor retailer.
UCO (pronounced “you-co”) provides trusted essentials in heat, light, and power that can be used in the home or the outdoors. 

Unfortunately we've discontinued oil Inserts for our candle lanterns.