No. It's actually for both IR dealers buying at wholesale and consumers buying at retail.

Consumers get the same Morakniv, Esbit or UCO products direct from the distributor or in UCO's case we're the manufacturer. For UCO products check out our consumer focused UCO site.

Dealers can login, see their wholesale prices and buy with their payment and shipping terms we have stored in our system. They also have the option of paying with a credit card via the site.

This mainly applies to dealers because it only refers to packaging.

Bulk means without it's own packaging,. When you order BULK knives for example. They will come in their sheath (if they have one) but no box or blister pack. 

Most knife products that come in bulk are also available in a "Peggable card" or "Peggable box" depending on the product.

Make sure you order the type that best fits your store and call us if you have any questions.
We manufacture UCO Products. We're also the exclusive U.S. and Canadian distributor for Esbit and MoraKniv.
Softshell Quart Lid: https://www.industrialrev.com/softshell-ice-cream-ball-lid-quart-f--ss--qt--lid

Softshell Pint Lid: https://www.industrialrev.com/softshell-ice-cream-ball-lid-pint-f--ss--pt--lid

Find the entire UCO Candle Lantern FAQ below.

It varies by product but generally 1 year. Warranty Policy

Lifetime warranty on plastic UCO Utility Sporks.
UCO (pronounced “you-co”) provides trusted essentials in heat, light, and power that can be used in the home or the outdoors.